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🏠 Working From Home? | ⚡ Use code "EFFY10" for 10% Off STOREWIDE | Fast & Free Shipping 🇨🇦

TerraDesk (Eco-Friendly Height-Adjustable Electric Standing Desk)


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TerraDesk (Eco-Friendly Height Adjustable Electric Sit-Stand Desk) - Standing Desks Canada - Sustainable Office Furniture - ChopValue x EFFYDESK

TerraDesk (Eco-Friendly Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk)

Say hello to the TerraDesk: world-renown, sustainably sourced tabletop meets Canada's best sit-stand desk frame.
Joining our signature height-adjustable sit-stand desk collection is our innovative, commercial-grade sit-stand desk, bringing you only the very best ergonomic and eco-friendly furniture from Vancouver.

The Eco-Friendly Office Sit-Stand Desk You've Been Waiting For is Here

An essential piece of furniture doesn’t mean you need to choose something mundane. Add comfort to your workdays by effortless transitioning from sitting to standing.

Introducing the TerraDesk: EFFYDESK's answer to a sustainable furniture solution that's just as durable and fits perfectly into our ergonomic standing desks product collection.

The beautiful Butcher Block tabletop provides warm, natural tones that will pair perfectly with any interior office design style.

The TerraDesk is a one-of-a-kind artisanal piece of recycled office furniture homeware that will help you get more done, more comfortably.

ChopValue's Butcher Block Tabletop Meets Canada's Best Rated Sit-Stand Desk Frame

As seen featured in Business Insider for their mission to renew recycled chopsticks into sustainable products — Vancouver local businesses EFFYDESK (Canada's top-rated standing desk company) and ChopValue (Canada's recycled materials furniture design and manufacturing company) are proud to announce an exciting partnership which paves the path for a brighter, greener future for all through impact-driven, recycled home products.

TerraDesk - Eco-Friendly Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk - EFFYDESK

What makes a good, eco-friendly sit-stand desk?

Here's what makes our TerraDesk the #1 sit-stand desk choice for eco-conscious Canadian shoppers:

  • Do good, feel good as a conscious-minded consumer: EFFYDESK pledges to donate 10% of proceeds per each desk purchase via
  • Commercial-grade quality made from sustainable materials. Each Butcher Block tabletop is hand-made from 10,852 recycled chopsticks.
  • Your purchase helps to reduce eco-waste and repurpose items, creating more value for both your home office and the environment.
  • An 8-year manufacturer's warranty is included with each purchase, satisfaction guaranteed.

As Canadian industry leaders working collectively towards a zero-waste, circular economy, our mission is to help offer ergonomically-designed, environmentally friendly furniture for desk job workers all across North America.

Climate Positive; Carbon Negative: Natural Performance Material

The TerraDesk proudly features an innovative engineered material is handcrafted through a process that is entirely carbon-negative.

This means you are storing more carbon than the entire process creates, making this desk not only beautiful but great for the planet:

  • Made by Micro-factory - ChopValue's local factory serves the community by using locally available resources to minimize environmental and carbon footprints.
  • The engineered materials are uniformly created by heat, steam and pressure and use a water-based performance resin from the automotive industry. It's fully recyclable end-of-life and non-toxic. The most environmental option and state of the art when it comes to engineering. 
  • No two tabletops are the same. The process of the expert craftsmanship involved allows for variation in each piece, making your desk one of a kind.
  • Click to read ChopValue's Urban Impact Assessment Report (2020)
TerraDesk - Eco-Friendly Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk - EFFYDESK
TerraDesk (Eco-Friendly Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk) - Best Standing Desks Canada - Sustainable Office Furniture - Circular Economy
TerraDesk - Eco-Friendly Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk - EFFYDESK

Locally Sourced, Locally Manufactured Vancouver Sit-Stand Desk

  • Made in Canada.
  • Parts come pre-drilled for simple and easy desk installation.
  • Eco-friendly packaging utilizing hexacomb for a more sustainable and durable solution.
    • Flat packed with reinforced corners. Includes package handles, to improve ergonomics of lifting and carrying.
  • Fast & Free Shipping

Best Eco-Friendly Office Furniture in Canada

EFFYDESK has helped thousands of Canadians work smarter and more ergonomically with high-quality home office desks and flexible home office furniture.

Join EFFYDESK x ChopValue on our mission to help support a circular economy (an economic system aimed at eliminating waste and renewing resources) and provide a greener future for the environment.

TerraDesk (Eco-Friendly Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk) - Best Standing Desks Canada - Sustainable Office Furniture - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

TerraDesk (Eco-Friendly Sit-Stand Desk) FAQs

The desk can hold up to 300 lbs (240 lbs max. recommended for daily use).

Most chopsticks come from bamboo harvested in China. To make disposable chopsticks, the bamboo is harvested, treated, dried and shaped into chopsticks. These chopsticks then get shipped around 9,000 kilometres to North America, to be used in just one meal. Once used, these chopsticks are normally thrown away without a second thought.

ChopValue's raw product is a composite material made by pressing these discarded chopsticks together under high heat and high pressure along with water-based resin, giving the natural and under-utilized resource a new life.

Bamboo chopsticks share many of the high-performing traits of virgin bamboo, while our method for manufacturing each tile ensures that our final products are durable and long-lasting. It’s also one of the fastest-growing wood grasses, making this resource the most sustainable wood material.

Are there enough chopsticks in the city? The short answer is YES.

ChopValue collects over 350,000 chopsticks a week from our restaurant partners in Metro Vancouver alone, diverting them from the landfill. In return, their waste disposal costs are reduced while supporting an environmentally friendly cause.

In North America, over 90% of disposable chopsticks are made out of bamboo, with the remaining percentage being wooden. Both types are pressed at ChopValue's facility, regardless of their size or shape.

However, bamboo is preferred because it grows much faster than wood, meaning bamboo forests can be replenished more quickly than wood-based forests, thus making it more sustainable to use bamboo chopsticks.

Another fun fact about bamboo is that it can be grown on land that traditional agriculture can’t use, such as on slopes and infertile soil. It’s a self-generating plant that is less resource-intensive to grow.

ChopValue's manufacturing process generates very little waste. The resin used is recycled until it has been fully utilized. The manufacturing scraps are saved and used in other smaller products.

ChopValue's circular economy micro-factory business has performed life cycle assessment going from resource to end product, to ensure the production process is developed in the most energy-efficient way possible.

Consider the processing emissions, multiple transportation methods and logistics involved in creating what was once seen as disposables (e.g. chopsticks) from virgin material, then that travels thousands of miles to its final destination for temporary use of 20-30 minutes.

That second life cycle, turning under-utilized materials like that into a way of capturing all that energy and these emissions needed to create that material initially is what affects our own carbon footprint so positively, or as per calculation through each step: carbon negative.


Click to learn more about frequently asked questions about EFFYDESK products.
TerraDesk (Eco-Friendly Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk) - Best Standing Desks Canada - Sustainable Office Furniture


  • Supports up to 300 lbs
  • Speed: 35 mm/s (dual motors)
  • Height Range: 24" - 50"
  • Width Range: 40" - 71"
  • Reinforced Square Columns Matte Gloss Finish
  • Wider and Tapered Feet
  • Keypad integrated into the desktop + Chargeable USB
TerraDesk - Eco-Friendly Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk - EFFYDESK
  • 30-Day Free Trial: We're confident that you'll fall in love with your new Sit-Stand Desk, so we're proud to offer a risk-free 30-day trial to see for yourself.
  • Dual Motors: More reliable, stable, and heavier load-bearing than single motors. Ascending and descending speed is at a swift 35 mm/s. Whisper-quiet smooth transition when in motion to keep your workplace serene for maximum productivity.
  • Square Reinforced Columns/Legs: Reduced instability and shake at maximum height versus our competitor's rectangular columns/legs.
  • 3-Stage Segment: This helps to offer you higher ranges and stronger stability at any height.
  • Gyroscope Sensor: Automated detection used when the table becomes obstructed or off-balance. If detected, the desk's movement will be stopped via the anti-collision/off-balance system.
  • Constant technological updates: We are constantly updating our products to ensure you are getting the most up-to-date desk technology.
TerraDesk (Eco-Friendly Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk) - Best Standing Desks Canada - Sustainable Office Furniture

What's Included?

TerraDesk - Eco-Friendly Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk Frame -  EFFYDESK Ergonomic Office Standing Mat
  • Memory Keypad with Digital Display: 4 Saveable Preset Options Available
  • Premium Adjustable 3-Segment, Dual-Motor Steel Frame
  • Tabletops come pre-drilled with Integrated USB chargeable keypad
  • Complimentary FREE Cable Management Zip Ties
  • Additional FREE Cable Management Trays
  • Bonus FREE Power Bar Strip Holders
  • FREE eco-friendly ChopValue coaster set made from 75 recycled chopsticks to complement your new sustainably made standing desk!
  • Printed Assembly Guide: downloadable PDF copy available on our website.
  • 8 Year EFFYDESK Warranty: If it doesn't work like it's supposed to, we'll replace it without question!
  • Expert Support: Our team is available via email, live chat or phone to answer any questions you may have about our products or the installation processes at any time.
TerraDesk (Eco-Friendly Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk) - Best Standing Desks Canada - Sustainable Office Furniture


  • Loading Capacity: 300 lbs (recommended 240 lbs max. for everyday use)
  • Adjustment Speed: 35 mm/s (dual motors)
  • Height Selection Range: 24" - 50"
  • Width Selection Range: 40" - 71"
  • Free Shipping within Canada
  • Estimated shipping time: 1 to 7 business days

EFFYDESK: Built to Last

Central manufacturing

Commercial grade steel and electric components are designed, tested and quality controlled all in the same factory to ensure the highest and utmost quality for all our effydesks.

Commercial grade steel and electric components are designed, tested and quality controlled all in the same factory to...

Performance x Longevity

EFFYDESK brings you commercial-grade steel, combined with years of engineering and design experience by our seasoned designers.

EFFYDESK brings you commercial-grade steel, combined with years of engineering and design experience by our seasoned ...

Quality Control

Our manufacturers have 30+ years in the office furniture industry ensuring you receive consistency, precision and quality in every desk.

Our manufacturers have 30+ years in the office furniture industry ensuring you receive consistency, precision and qua...

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
David Pisarek
Terra Desk!

I have the brand new Effydesk Terradesk! I love it! It looks awesome. Buy one, I highly recommend! - Full review... Before buying it, I had a lot of messages with Effydesk staff and even the owner! I've never had or experienced a standing desk first hand, so I wanted to make sure I was making the right choice - there are lots of vendors and manufacturers out there. The staff were all friendly and quick to reply. There are a lot of companies out there who could stand to learn a few things from Effydesk and how they treat potential customers. A++ I have a couple of suggestions for improvements. I think it would be great if there was another inch of clearance with the cable management box - would be nice to have a bit more room in there for some bulkier "brick" power supplies. I managed to get mine to fit, but it's tight. In the manual the screws to attach the cable tray in the manual says to use D x2, however the right number of screws were in a separate package and I needed 4. So just a type-o that needs to be corrected. No big deal. Although 1 person could assemble the desk themselves, it would be helpful to have a helper to hold the parts for the first few steps and then later on in the assembly process to flip it over. I noticed that the package came with attachments for the power bar, but there wasn't one included. I didn't try to use it with one of my power bars, but I could see how it would be helpful. I was a bit concerned about the position of the hole/cable bypass in the desk with regards to my monitor/laptop arm. I measured it 3 times, and I thought the monitor was going to hit the bookcase on the left. But it fit perfectly. The desk does have some wobble to it when it's at standing height, but I'll get used to it. The floor is a thin-pile carpet, so maybe that has something to do with it. I can notice the movement because of the microphone I have mounted to the desk. The desk does have a little bit of a smell, due to the manufacturing process. It should dissipate over the next little short while. I presume that due to the natural bamboo chopsticks used to make the top, there are some splinters that came off during manufacturing - which has left some spots where a little chip is missing. The top is smooth, and the little chip doesn't interfere with using the mouse or other devices. I'll probably use a wax wood filler crayon if any of the spots irritate me over time. But for the first few days that I've had it, I'm not concerned about this. There is a low hum when the motor is working, it's quieter than I thought it would be. It's pretty quiet, and moves at a nice pace. There's also the option to really refine the height, just tapping the up/down will move it ever so slightly, so it's easy to get just the right height. Overall, I'm extremely happy with the desk, and love the tabletop. I love that the control panel is in the top and not attached below - I would be worried about it getting caught on something and snapping. I also picked up their standing mat. I ordered the smaller one and it's a good size for me. One note, you should wear shoes on it to give your arch support. Would I buy this again? Absolutely! I highly recommend it!

Dara Kelly
Terra Desk!

I absolutely love my Effydesk. The collaboration with Chop Value is amazing to create a gorgeous bamboo finish. I look forward to being in my office and working from home. Thanks for a beautiful product!

Kendall Speten-Hansen
Terra Desk!

My desk arrived and it works great!! I ordered it from ChopValue (CV provided the recycled chopstick desk top, Effydesk provided the base). The Effydesk instructions differentiate between 'predrilled' and 'non-predrilled.' The desk top came with holes but they weren't big enough to make sense of the 'predrilled' option (even though that's what we thought it was - predrilled). But, we quickly realized we should instead follow the 'non-predrilled' instructions and use the rubber washers that were provided. Be mindful of this when assembling your desk. The rest of the assembly went very smoothly. Such a game changer for my home office!

Cynthia Pelletier
Terra Desk!

Very good product! Very good services! I strongly recommend.

Valerie J.
Terra Desk!

Love, love, love my Terra EffyDesk. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. From ordering, to shipment to installation I have not received anything better. Received my desk in a very timely fashion - within 2 days during COVID! Delivery person was fabulous in getting the desk in my house for me. I was able to assemble the desk myself within a couple of hours. Instructions were easy to follow and I had no issues putting it together. Fabulous customer service when I had a question regarding the settings for lifting the desk. This desk is well worth the money, is durable and very stylish. This company should hold seminars on how to do things right.

Patrick Beaucaire
TerraDesk (Eco-Friendly Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk)

Excellent product and customer experience. They are proactive and responsive. Would recommend to anyone!