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⚡Fast & Free Shipping 🇨🇦 | Become an EFFYDESK VIP


Getting Ergo-Minded with EFFYDESK

Worried about desk-job damage? We feel you.

At EFFYDESK, we design, mould and deliver Canada's #1 Electric Standing Desk, right to your doorsteps. 

We’re a tight-knit team of ergo-minded business professionals based in Vancouver, British Columbia, who have helped 500+ offices across Canada implement proper ergonomics in the workplace for their valued desk job workers.

Our seasoned, award-winning engineers design and produce EFFY products to perfection, and our ergo office solutions are trusted by brands, content creators, retailers and redistributors all across Canada.

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Speaking of our products - we offer cutting-edge and sensibly-priced modern ergonomic office furniture from A to Z:

• Monitor Desk Mounts - help to reduce, relieve and prevent neck pain/tension.

• Ergonomic Office Chairs - help to alleviate and heal from back and/or other bodily muscle aches/pain/tension.

• Sit-Stand Motorized Desks - feature a Height Adjustable Dual Motor frame with incomparable quality, and state-of-the-art LED Display Memory Keypad that is designed to last.


We created this company on the belief that your pursuit and practice of ergonomics shouldn’t break the bankDesigned for both personal and professional use, you may enjoy EFFY at home, or at the office — at ease. 

EFFYDESK also supports businesses of all sizes, so be sure to check out our corporate deals. Our affordable prices get even better through exclusive wholesale rates via bulk ordering, on any of our products.