• YinChair.
    $168 USD

    YinChair - Office Chair

    Best height-adjustable lumbar-support mesh computer chair that fits perfectly into any modern home office or conference room.

  • MayaChair.
    $199 USD

    MayaChair - Office Chair

    Adapts to your body’s movements providing pressure distribution and natural ergonomic alignment between the head, spine, hips, and feet.

  • GrinChair.
    $328 USD

    GrinChair - Office Chair

    Fully-adjustable ergonomic task chair that offers long-term seated comfort and encourages proper, ergonomic sitting posture throughout your day.

  • CeliniChair.
    Current Price $775 USD
    Original Price $1,119 USD
    Save $344.00 USD

    CeliniChair - Office Chair

    A fully adjustable ergonomic task chair with an innovative weight-balanced mechanism that delivers excellent fit and support while providing exc...

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  • BohdiStool.
    from $173 USD
    Save $17.00 USD

    BohdiStool - Standing Desk Stool

    Stay active by engaging your core, whether you're sitting or standing with this ergonomic wobble stool / tall standing desk exercise stool.