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🏠 Working From Home? | ⚡ Use code "EFFY10" for 10% Off STOREWIDE | Fast & Free Shipping 🇨🇦
🏠 Working From Home? | ⚡ Use code "EFFY10" for 10% Off STOREWIDE | Fast & Free Shipping 🇨🇦

Executive Office Sit-Stand L-Desk (Modern L-Shaped Corner Desk)

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Executive Office Sit-Stand L-Desk | Modern Height-Adjustable L-Shaped Corner Desk Canada

*Executive Oak Wood table tops are restocking June 15

Built to Last. Elegant Design. Affordable Solution.

EFFYDESK focuses on reducing all pains caused by being in a sitting position for multiple hours a day and increase blood flow and efficiency in the workplace. Navigating the table is intuitive with the simple digital memory keypad. Whisper-quiet dual motors to ensure tranquillity in the work-place.

Making sure your body is always moving and adapting, the desk's purpose is to make sure you're not in the same position for too long. Statistics have shown being immobile or in the same position for more than hours starts to show adverse effects physically and mentally.

Home Office vs Business Office vs Executive L-Desk

Home Office Desk Business Office Desk Executive Office L-Desk
Supports up to 220 lbs Supports up to 300 lbs Supports up to 330 lbs
Speed: 30 mm/s (dual motors) Speed: 35 mm/s (dual motors) Speed: 30 mm/s (Triple motors)
Height Range: 28" - 46" Height Range: 24" - 50" Height Range: 24" - 50"
Width Selection Range: 40" - 71" Width Selection Range: 40" - 71" Width Selection Range:  40" - 71"
Rectangle Columns Steel Finish Reinforced Square Columns Matte Gloss Finish Reinforced Square Columns Matte Gloss Finish
Standard Feet Wider and Tapered Feet Wider and Tapered Feet
  • 30 Days Free Trial - We are so confident that you will fall in love with your new Sit-Stand Desk, we are offering a 30-day trial FREE!
  • Triple Motors - More reliable, stable, and heavier load bearing than the single motor. Ascending and descending speed (35 mm/s). Whisper-quiet smooth transition when in motion. 
  • L-Shaped Frame and Table Top - For offices and home when you need more space
  • 3 Stage Segment - Higher ranges and Stronger stability at any height.
  • Square Reinforced Columns/Legs: Reduced instability and shake at maximum height versus our competitors' rectangular columns/legs. 
  • Constant technological updates - We are constantly updating our products to ensure you are getting the most up-to-date desk technology
  • Gyroscope Sensor - Used if the table is off balance or is obstructed and will be stopped during movement via the anti-collision/off-balance system


  • Printed Assembly guide (also downloadable PDF on our website)
  • 4 Save-able preset Memory Keypad with Digital Display
  • Adjustable 3 Segment/Triple Motor Steel Frame
  • 8 Year EFFYDESK Warranty - If it doesn't work like it's supposed to, we replace it without question
  • Table Top is Included (Ultra High-Density Particle Board with PVC Edge)
  • Free cable management trays and power bar strip holders
  • Tabletop comes pre-drilled

Loading Capacity: 330 lbs
Adjustment Speed: 30 mm/s (triple motors)
Height Selection Range: 3.62" - 49.21"
Width Selection Range: 42.12" - 70.86"
Tabletop Dimensions: 71" × 71"

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Executive Office L-Shaped Desk

Executive Office Desk

A fully adjustable standing desk built on a sturdy, steel frame complete with 4 programmable height settings to suit a wide range of sitting and standing needs. Powered by a smooth, silent triple electric motor system capable of lifting up to 330 lbs at just the press of a button.

Assembly Required
Assembly level
Average assembly time
15-30 mins
Assembly instructions
Available in package and PDF
Included accessories
Digital Keypad
8 years for the frame
1 year for the tabletop
30 days
BIFMA and UL Certification

EFFYDESK: Built to Last

Central manufacturing

Commercial grade steel and electric components are designed, tested and quality controlled all in the same factory to ensure the highest and utmost quality for all our effydesks.

Commercial grade steel and electric components are designed, tested and quality controlled all in the same factory to...

Performance x Longevity

EFFYDESK brings you commercial-grade steel, combined with years of engineering and design experience by our seasoned designers.

EFFYDESK brings you commercial-grade steel, combined with years of engineering and design experience by our seasoned ...

Quality Control

Our manufacturers have 30+ years in the office furniture industry ensuring you receive consistency, precision and quality in every desk.

Our manufacturers have 30+ years in the office furniture industry ensuring you receive consistency, precision and qua...

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Neil Sakaitis
Executive Office Sit Stand L-Desk (Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk)

EFFYDESK truly surpassed my expectations for quality of build, features and customer service. Their sit stand desks and frames are some of the best in the industry. The motors are super silent, the frame build like a tank, zero wobble at the highest setting, and it is all backed by a re-assuring 8 year warranty, peace of mind. Ended up pairing the black frames with home depot kitchen tops and it worked out perfectly. Thank you EFFYDESK for supporting us during these tough times of COVID, and allowing us to convert our homes into truly professional and comfortable offices.

Brent Winterton
Amazing Product - Insane to Assemble

I purchased this desk back in December and just got around to assembling it after completing renovations. Now that it's built, I am very happy with the product, it's stability and quality. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a standing desk and keen to support a Canadian business. That said, the assembly of this desk was a total gong show. I like to think Im relatively competent with building/assembling, having remodeled nearly an entire house by myself. That said, this desk took me well over 6 hours to build, needing to take it apart twice and assemble a total of three times. I am assuming whoever drew up the assembly manual has never seen or touched the physical product and was riddled with problems. That said, the manual available on the site has been updated with a few of the problems addressed.

- The four crossbars come coupled in the box, two are identical and paired. The other two are unique and paired. No indication through the steps that these need to be separated and switched during assembly.
- Between step 6 and 7, the control box is added to the frame with no indication as to where/how it should be installed. If added between these steps, you lose access to two important brackets for attaching the desk to the frame.
- Step 8 provides two options for attaching the desktop to the frame - Predrilled or Drilled. I purchased my desktop through Effydesk and it came predrilled, however, the predrilled slots do not fit the frame unless you deviate from the instructions.
- In the instructions, the entire assembly happens upside down to ensure the desktop is level, which makes sense. The missing consideration is that you are then required to flip a desk that weighs well over 100 lbs. Even with 3 people, this caused serious issues with the frame desktop due to the stress put on the hardware holding it together
- Step 10 - Calls for the use of hardware tagged (D) which indicates a screw but the hardware tagged D in the bag are zap straps
- If you install the control box exactly as indicated in the assembly instructions, you will not be able to connect the third (and closest) lifting column. Two extension cords are provided for the legs further away, but with a 1-2 foot cord, it does not reach the port.

Overall, I love the final product but was blown away time and again how poor the assembly instructions were. For a product that takes a minimum of 3 hours to assemble and costs well over $1,000, there should be thorough video's walking through the steps or a total remaster of the assembly guide. Love the product and would not recommend due to complexity in building.

Theresa K
Best standing desk

The l shaped desk has been the most valuable thing I have purchased for my office. It is extremely versatile whether I would prefer to sit or stand, I can raise or lower the desk make everything so easy. Fantastic purchase and extremely happy. Shipping was extremely fast and efficient even though there has been reviews regarding shipping delays, there was none for us. 10/10!

Excellent Desk, sturdy and plenty of space to use

I purchased this desk to replace a normal L shaped desk which I had switched between a kneeling chair and normal desk chair. 2 weeks in using the Effydesk Executive desk and so far I am really enjoying it, worth the purchase.
The quality of the product from the frame to the table top is fantastic, the desk rises/lowers in a painlessly quick fashion and its barely noticable from a noise perspective. Their is significant space for a multi monitor setup and some additonal real estate to use a portion of the desk for writing if need be.
Note it was a little difficult to assemble as a single person due to the overall weight of the product so be sure to get some assistance when putting together! The positive to take on this is of course its exceptionally sturdy and doesn't wobble.

Sleek design, easy to assemble.

Decided to invest in a high-quality desk while I work from home. Absolutely stunning quality, and it's easy to assemble!

Jordan Ingham
Executive Office Sit Stand L-Desk

We bought two desks with our move to our new house (one standard and one executive), and they arrived very quickly! after using the desks for a couple of days they are very nice and sturdy. The tabletop doesn't feel cheap and seems to use higher quality material. The colour choices are a nice touch as well The only issues i have are with the instruction manuals. They are very unclear and took some trial and error until we were able to get the executive desk together. My Standard desk had an issue so i messaged the vendor and Valerie worked very quickly to rectify the issue for me. A+ customer service and even took the time to follow up to ensure everything was still good. I would recommend Effydesk to anyone looking for a sturdy stylish sit stand desk.

Cynthia Brooke
Table top packaging came dented

Edit: Just wanted to edit this as after opening the table top packaging, its extremely well insulated and packaged so there was no damage once taken out of the box.
Sorry about the 2 stars!

Meg Mitchell
Instructions need work

There are multiple points in the instructions where if you make a mistake (e.g., follow the large instructions for a medium tabletop), you won't find out until many steps later, causing you to have to undo and redo them. There are also parts labelled with letters in the booklet that aren't labelled with the same letters on the actual bags, creating further confusion. I've had my effydesk for a few days now and I can't say how it performs because it's still sitting in pieces on my office floor. Clearer pictures, clearer wording, and perhaps separate instruction booklets for separate models would be really great.

Nealan Bhatt
Executive Office Sit Stand L-Desk (Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk)

Ordered two executive desks from Effydesk. These desks are solid. The motors are quiet and quick. The size is perfect for us working from home. Being able to stand does make a difference (had the desk for about a month now so take this with a grain of salt), I just feel more alert and energized when I stand and work vs sitting hunched over all day. Effydesk was great: the product was backordered but they kept me updated along the way and were quick to respond to me when I had questions. The only thing I would change is the instruction manual: it can be a bit vague in regards to the orientation of the table and the parts needed. Aside from that, solid desk, well worth it, 10/10 would recommend.

Rob Cussen
Executive Office Sit Stand L-Desk

Ordered and received it within less than 2 weeks. Set up went well, took my time with it, but got it up without issues. Have been using it for a few days now and love it. Works well and does what I hoped! Very happy. Cheers!