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Free Office Consultation and Assessment

EFFYDESK will be providing free office ergonomic assessments to offices all over Vancouver Canada.

Our Office Ergonomic Assessments include an onsite thorough presentation, demonstration and an onsite office walk through assessing workstations and employee postures.

Our Ergonomics team will be educating and demonstrating proper workstation setup. We will be introducing mindfulness when you sit or stand at your desk and introducing cause and effects from certain common but non ideal positions. 

Our demonstration will show you how to properly calibrate your workstation which include your office chair height and position, monitor arm heights and angles, keyboard/mouse position and etc.

Lastly, we will be introducing our Electric Standing Desks and how your employees can benefit from increased productivity, decreased back/neck and other injuries and lastly increased morale.

This is a limited time offer and booking in advanced is recommended. Please contact us via the contact page or email us directly at for more information and bookings. 

 Free Office Consultation and Assessment