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Working From Home? ‚ö° Get 10% Off STOREWIDE: Use promo code "EFFY10" | Fast & Free Shipping ūüá®ūüá¶

Business Office Sit Stand Desk (Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk)

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Business Office Sit Stand Desk (Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk)

Built to Last. Elegant Design. Affordable Solution.

EFFYDESK focuses on reducing all pains caused by being in a sitting position for multiple hours a day and increase blood flow and efficiency in the workplace. Navigating the table is intuitive with the simple digital memory keypad. Whisper-quiet dual motors to ensure tranquility in the work-place.

Making sure your body is always moving and adapting, the desk's purpose it to make sure you're not in the same position for too long. Statistics have shown being immobile or in the same position for more than hours start to show adverse effects physically and mentally.


Home Office vs Business Office vs Executive L-Desk

Home Office Desk Business Office Desk Executive Office L-Desk
Supports up to 220 lbs Supports up to 300 lbs Supports up to 330 lbs
Speed: 30 mm/s (dual motors) Speed: 35 mm/s (dual motors) Speed: 30 mm/s (Triple motors)
Height Range: 71cm-115cm (27.9-45.2in)  Height Range: 60cm-125cm (23.62-49.21in)  Height Range: 60cm-125cm (23.62-49.21in)
Width Selection Range: 100cm to 180cm (39.37-70.86in)

Width Range: 100cm to 180cm (39.37-70.86in)

Width Selection Range: 100cm to 180cm (42.12-70.86in)
Rectangle Columns Steel Finish Reinforced Square Columns Matte Gloss Finish Reinforced Square Columns Matte Gloss Finish
Standard Feet Wider and Tapered Feet Wider and Tapered Feet

  • 30 Days Free Trial¬†-¬†We are so confident that you will fall in love with your new Sit-Stand Desk, we are offering a 30 day trial FREE!
  • Dual Motors¬†- More reliable, stable and heavier load bearing than the single motor. Ascending and descending speed (35 mm/s). Whisper-quiet smooth transition when in motion.¬†
  • 3 Stage Segment¬†-¬†Higher ranges and stronger stability at any height.
  • Square¬†Reinforced Columns/Legs: Reduced instability and shake at maximum height versus our competitor's rectangular columns/legs.¬†
  • Constant technological updates¬†- We are constantly updating our products to ensure you are getting the most up-to-date desk technology.
  • Gyroscope Sensor¬†- Used if the table is off balance or is obstructed and will be stopped during movement via the anti-collision/off balance system.
  • Printed Assembly guide (also downloadable PDF on our website)
  • 4 Save-able preset Memory Keypad with Digital Display
  • Premium Adjustable 3 Segment/Dual Motor Steel Frame
  • Table Top is¬†Included (Ultra High Density Particle Board with PVC Edge)
  • 8¬†Year EFFYDESK Warranty - If it doesn't work like its supposed to, we replace without question.¬†
  • Cable management zip ties
  • Free cable management trays and power bar strip holders
  • Table tops come pre-drilled¬†

Loading Capacity: 300 lbs (recommended 240 lbs and under for everyday use)
Adjustment Speed: 35 mm/s (dual motors)
Height Selection Range: 60cm-125cm (23.62-49.21in) 
Width Selection Range: 100cm to 180cm (39.37-70.86in)

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A fully adjustable standing desk built on a sturdy, steel frame complete with 4 programmable height settings to suit a range of sit-stand needs. Features a smooth, silent dual motor system capable of lifting up to 300 lbs at the press of a button.

Assembly Required
Assembly level
Average assembly time
15-30 mins
Assembly instructions
Available in package and PDF
8 years for frame
1 year for top
30 days
BIFMA and UL Certification

EFFYDESK: Built to Last

Central manufacturing

Commercial grade steel and electric components are designed, tested and quality controlled all in the same factory to ensure the highest and utmost quality for all our effydesks.

Commercial grade steel and electric components are designed, tested and quality controlled all in the same factory to...

Performance x Longevity

EFFYDESK brings you commercial-grade steel, combined with years of engineering and design experience by our seasoned designers.

EFFYDESK brings you commercial-grade steel, combined with years of engineering and design experience by our seasoned ...

Quality Control

Our manufacturers have 30+ years in the office furniture industry ensuring you receive consistency, precision and quality in every desk.

Our manufacturers have 30+ years in the office furniture industry ensuring you receive consistency, precision and qua...

Customer Reviews

Based on 232 reviews
Should have never left the factory.

Maybe the 30+ experienced QA should retire. I opened the box of my newly delivered desk top and was immediately presented with a major defect in the surface. A highly visible and feelable ridge 1/2 inch thick running front to back where it looks like too much glue was used on the veneer. I will probably be returning it as I can't get a resolution that doesn't see me out of pocket. What make this even more frustrating is that I cancelled an order with another company (on backlog) to support a local company (3 suburbs away). And yet even more frustrating is the bottom side with the predrilled holes was otherwise perfect.

Hi Andrew, Have you contacted our team yet? We apologize for the defect, it mightve been cracked due to transit but it is difficult to tell from the pictures. Regardless of the fact, that is unacceptable and we will offer you a compensation or a brand new top on us. Please contact our customer support team and we will take care of that same day!

Stable, well made and high value

I work at 42.5" and the desk is very stable for video calls and typical work like typing on a computer. Moves up and down quickly (or quick enough). The table top of white that I chose is not as attractive as I would have expected but it's ok - it's arguably cheap looking but it appears durable. Would definitely buy it again and would recommend to folks working from home who want to stand all day.

1 year later..

... and it's the best desk I've owned. It's really well made. Sturdy and beautiful

I went with ice white, which may not be for everyone. It's super white and so unless you're super careful it can mark up pretty easily such as with pencil marks or ink, but that's what I love about it. I'll clean it every now and then if I want a fresh start. It's also really pleasant to the touch

The customer support from this company is top-notch. Customer support was helpful and responsive and human, and you can tell they actually care about your experience. In short... great product, great company ūüėÄ

Why did I wait so long? EFFYDESK!

So happy with our new EFFYDESK! After years of working from home, we decided to purchase the office desk and use the top from our old desk. This is a game changer and hassle-free at the press of a button.

Business Office Sit Stand Desk (Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk)

I chose to order from Effydesk after doing some research on a few different standing desks, and I have no regrets on my purchase! I reached out to Dickson with a few questions before placing my order and the communication was excellent. I've had my business model desk set up for over 2 weeks now and absolutely love it! Overall the whole product seems to be great quality. The table top is quite heavy and doesn't feel cheap. I'm also happy with the speed/volume when changing the desk height. I've had no issues so far but I trust that they will be super easy to deal with in case of any warranty work that needs done. With 8 years warranty, great customer service, and a quality product you can't go wrong. Thank you Effydesk!!

Business Office Sit Stand Desk (Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk)

Loved the desk and happy to support a local business! The materials seem to be quality and along with the 8 years warranty it seems to be my standing desk for many years.

The shipping was fast too! It was delivered in 2 days after I placed the order during busy NY dates.

I have an awesome workplace now and I'd recommend Effy Desk to all my friends.

Great quality desk

Bought the business office version. I love this desk. I’ve been using it for a few months and it’s fantastic...solid (no wobble) and works well. It’s single-handedly saving my back. The option to stand great during long work days....this desk is a game-changer!
Upon arrival it was really well packaged. Managed to build it myself using print instructions and did take awhile but worth it. Suggestions for future: improve print instructions and provide cord management.

Great Desk and Great Customer Service

During the black Friday sale, I ordered the large tabletop. It turned out to be too big for my purposes. After reaching out to customer service, I was able to get it swapped out for a medium sized tabletop. The desk is great. Super easy to set up and put together. It doesn't feel cheap and is quite sturdy and stable. The memory feature is also great. All around a great product.

Very satisfied. Great desk

Very nice solid desk. Very stable and strong desktop (large table top 150 x 75 cm) - no wobble regardless of height. Have used a couple other standing desks and like this one the best, even compared to one that cost substantially more. The packaging is amazing - every piece has its own protected slot. Put it together by myself (home office) with the exception of getting help to turn it over. Instructions are straight forward and obvious - everything lined up perfectly. Highly recommend.

1 star for using UPS 5 stars for product and service

unfortunately the bad taste from using UPS is still in my mouth when writing this review