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🏠 Working From Home? | ⚡ Use code "EFFY10" for 10% Off STOREWIDE | Fast & Free Shipping 🇨🇦
🏠 Working From Home? | ⚡ Use code "EFFY10" for 10% Off STOREWIDE | Fast & Free Shipping 🇨🇦

Business Office
Sit-Stand Desk

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Business Office Sit-Stand Desk | Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Canada

*We will be restocking Medium White table tops at the end of August.

Built to Last. Elegant Design. Affordable Solution.

EFFYDESK focuses on reducing all pains caused by being in a sitting position for multiple hours a day and increase blood flow and efficiency in the workplace. Navigating the table is intuitive with the simple digital memory keypad. Whisper-quiet dual motors to ensure tranquillity in the work-place.

Making sure your body is always moving and adapting, the desk's purpose is to make sure you're not in the same position for too long. Statistics have shown being immobile or in the same position for more than hours starts to show adverse effects physically and mentally.


Home Office vs Business Office vs Executive L-Desk

Home Office Desk Business Office Desk Executive Office L-Desk
Supports up to 220 lbs Supports up to 300 lbs Supports up to 330 lbs
Speed: 30 mm/s (dual motors) Speed: 35 mm/s (dual motors) Speed: 30 mm/s (Triple motors)
Height Range: 28" - 46" Height Range: 24" - 50" Height Range: 24" - 50"
Width Selection Range: 40" - 71" Width Selection Range: 40" - 71" Width Selection Range:  40" - 71"
Rectangle Columns Steel Finish Reinforced Square Columns Matte Gloss Finish Reinforced Square Columns Matte Gloss Finish
Standard Feet Wider and Tapered Feet Wider and Tapered Feet

  • 30 Days Free Trial - We are so confident that you will fall in love with your new Sit-Stand Desk, we are offering a 30-day trial FREE!
  • Dual Motors - More reliable, stable and heavier load bearing than the single motor. Ascending and descending speed (35 mm/s). Whisper-quiet smooth transition when in motion. 
  • 3 Stage Segment - Higher ranges and stronger stability at any height.
  • Square Reinforced Columns/Legs: Reduced instability and shake at maximum height versus our competitor's rectangular columns/legs. 
  • Constant technological updates - We are constantly updating our products to ensure you are getting the most up-to-date desk technology.
  • Gyroscope Sensor - Used if the table is off balance or is obstructed and will be stopped during movement via the anti-collision/off-balance system.
  • The TerraDesk table top - is sustainably-sourced and hand-made from 10,852 recycled chopsticks. Locally sourced and manufactured in Vancouver, B.C. Dimensions of this table top is 55" x 28" x 0.6". Please click here to see full details on the product.
  • Printed Assembly guide (also downloadable PDF on our website)
  • 4 Save-able preset Memory Keypad with Digital Display
  • Premium Adjustable 3 Segment/Dual Motor Steel Frame
  • Table Top is Included (Ultra High-Density Particle Board with PVC Edge)
  • 8 Year EFFYDESK Warranty - If it doesn't work like it's supposed to, we replace it without question. 
  • Cable management zip ties
  • Free cable management trays and power bar strip holders
  • Tabletops come pre-drilled 

Loading Capacity: 300 lbs (recommended 240 lbs and under for everyday use)
Adjustment Speed: 35 mm/s (dual motors)
Height Selection Range: 23.62" - 49.21" 
Width Selection Range: 39.37" - 70.86"

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Business Office Sit-Stand Desk Dimensions


A fully adjustable standing desk built on a sturdy, steel frame complete with 4 programmable height settings to suit a range of sit-stand needs. Features a smooth, silent dual-motor system capable of lifting up to 300 lbs at the press of a button.

Assembly Required
Assembly level
Average assembly time
15-30 mins
Assembly instructions
Available in package and PDF
8 years for the frame
1 year for the tabletop
30 days
BIFMA and UL Certification

EFFYDESK: Built to Last

Central manufacturing

Commercial grade steel and electric components are designed, tested and quality controlled all in the same factory to ensure the highest and utmost quality for all our effydesks.

Commercial grade steel and electric components are designed, tested and quality controlled all in the same factory to...

Performance x Longevity

EFFYDESK brings you commercial-grade steel, combined with years of engineering and design experience by our seasoned designers.

EFFYDESK brings you commercial-grade steel, combined with years of engineering and design experience by our seasoned ...

Quality Control

Our manufacturers have 30+ years in the office furniture industry ensuring you receive consistency, precision and quality in every desk.

Our manufacturers have 30+ years in the office furniture industry ensuring you receive consistency, precision and qua...

Customer Reviews

Based on 277 reviews
New Business Sit/Stand Desk Oak Wood Top

Love my new desk. Smooth operation. Quiet. Very sturdy construction that feels solid and stable at low and tall heights. I’m a tall (6’4”) person and having the flexibility to finally have a desk that fits my frame when sitting and then able to stand periodically, has greatly eased the strain on my back.

Business Office Sit Stand Desk!!!

I am writing this review after having used my new Business Office Sit Stand Desk and I have to say that I love everything about it. The reason why I do not give the fifth star is simply because the instruction manual could be improved. We're missing some information that is actually in the instructions, but are really hard to find or you will find them 2 steps later. You have to rely on your ability to read the images but when you can't or you have a question, 90% of the time they will leave a note. It's the 10% that was really annoying for me. I strongly recommend you watch their demo video instruction instead. My desk arrived with a little impact hole but fortunately for me, it was on the bottom, so I don't mind it. I bought this desk for durability and I think it will last. This is quality material and you won't regret buying it. I was afraid it would be wobbly when in "standing" height, but it is steady enough for you to use it as you would normally. It barely moves.

Lisa Deschamps
Business Office Sit Stand Desk (Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk)

i love my new EFFY desk :) it's so clearly durable and well-made as soon as you take it out of the box. It doesn't hurt that my son is a master at cable management! the ease of setup and cable management products that come with the business desk as standard made it all so clean and simple. the wood is heavy and solid, the legs don't wobble at all, even on the highest setting. delivery was super quick, all arrived on time. and i speak from experience. i already ordered one sit-stand and returned it. effy is the best!!!

Benjamin Fehr
Business Office Sit Stand Desk (Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk)

I can't believe my back! A few years ago I had back surgery and needless to say my life has changed. Sitting for 8-10 hours a day at my desk was causing more issues than ever before. After researching various products that were available it was plain to see that there was a gulf between professional products being offered and those offered by large box stores. When I reviewed the products offered by EffyDesk it was clear that not only were they conscious of the materials they were using, but also the design of the desk (ie. square lift legs, centered lift legs, duel motors) was such that it would last for years and be practical. When the desk arrived I was astonished. Each piece of the desk was separately packed in cut-out styrofoam. The desk was incased with styrofoam so even though the box for shipping had incurred some damage, the contents were pristine. When I began referencing the pieces with the instructions I discovered that EffyDesk were my kind of people. Every single connector/bolt/screw had exactly 1 more than what was required. As someone who drops and losses things with a relative ease, this was a blessing on more than one occasion. The assembly was quick. I work slow with this stuff as I'm not mechanically inclined, but after a couple of hours the desk was put together and ready to operate. I would definitely recommend making sure you have an extra set of hands to help you rotate the desk as you build it on its surface. The desk is complete. It is quiet, moves efficiently, and is super stable. I'm also confident as it comes with the 8 year warranty (one of the best I could find). The customer service staff were very helpful and remained helpful during the shipping process and keeping me up to date on where things were at. Thanks EffyDesk! Great product you have here and you've gained an advocate customer.

Duane King
Nothing but the best!

"You get what you pay for." Can you buy a sit/stand desk for less money? Yep. Will you get the same awesome quality and quiet functionality of the Effydesk? Nope!
Will you get the same reliable warranty and a company that stands behind their products the same as Effydesk? Nope!
Will you experience the wonderful level of professional customer service that Effydesk delivers whether by phone, chat or email? Nope!
Considering the time you probably spend behind your desk don't choose a "cheap" option. Choose Effydesk and you can't go wrong.
I bought just the frame and then added an amazing custom made top to go with the amazing frame. (The top weighs around 125 pounds)
Could not be happier!
Keep up the excellent work Effydesk team!

Nikhil Joshi
Beautiful desk with a superior build quality.

Ordered 2 desks for my wife and myself. The desks are gorgeous to look at. The motor is buttery-smooth and super satisfying to listen to when the desk goes up and down. The assembly was a bit tricky but once everything clicked it was easy. Assembling the first one took almost 2hrs but the second one was done is less than 30 mins.
The build quality is great. The desk is very sturdy even at max height. I just had a problem with one of my tabletops not having pre-drilled holes for the control switches. I had to drill the holes myself. But apart from that everything else was perfect. You pay a bit of a premium but it's totally worth it over any cheaper foreign built desks.
10/10 - Highly recommended.

Lev Sokolov
Having it for 6 months

Great table, high quality. Cable management could be better, but zip ties solve the problem.

Sylvain Roy
Should have made the move earlier!

Thank you to the EFFYDESK team. I absolutely love my Business standing desk. I should have made this investment earlier. Having my office at home, I know I will use it for many years. Service and purchase experience was A1 and delivery to the Montreal area took less than a week and everything arrived in perfect condition.

Winnie Huang
Business Office Sit Stand Desk

I love my Effydesk that I got in medium size— it’s great for my nail production and for when I film nail tutorials! Set up was easy and I’m so impressed with how sturdy it was! This desk is a game changer!

Ben Waugh
Business Office Sit Stand Desk

Absolutely love this desk! It's been a game changer for my home working environment. I really recommend the standing pad (I didn't have this initially but after my partner received it I needed to have one too!)